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Custom RF Jamming

We are pleased to advise you that in addition to our comprehensive range of RF jamming equipment and systems, we specialize in the development of customized solutions for any type of RF jamming application.

We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements and challenges of each particular application in order to deliver a system which will provide the optimum RF jamming solution for that application. Our technical resources and first-class R&D team allow us to efficiently provide tailor-made solutions for any type of project.

Beyond our proprietary core technologies, even our high-gain antennas and other sensitive RF components are developed in-house to ensure total system compatibility and effectiveness.
Examples of our exclusive products include 1kW and 2kW single- and dual-band RF jammers, as well as ultra high power multi-band RF jamming systems starting from 10MHz.

The current jammers work with continuous emmission of high power RF interference signals, which is main disadvantage to some degree. Firstly, people are continously exposed to high power RF radition for a long time, which is not environmentally friendly. Secondly, Such jammers will keep interfering the signals even while not in use, which is not smart. Conducting a systematic study, a smart environmental detective cellphone jammer WF-DJ7 is designed based on the above two problems. When the mobile phone is incoming or outgoing, WF-DJ7 interferes the signals between the mobile phone and BTS to prevent the phone from communicating with the outside, otherwise the device will be in sleep mode. WF-DJ7 plays a smart shielding role.

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